The Trumbull County Sheriff’s Department shall run a criminal background check, using the WEBCHECK system, on all prospective adoptive parents and on applicants for guardianships, change of name, estates or trusts as determined by the Court.

Upon completion of the attached WEBCHECK form, the applicant shall take it to the Trumbull County Sheriff's Department, located at 150 High Street.   Contact the Sheriff's Department at 330-675-2540 for available hours.


A fee of $35.00 for the WEBCHECK shall be paid by the applicant to the Sheriff’s Department at the time of the check.  There will be an additional $35.00 charge where FBI background checks are required.  The fee shall be paid by the applicant to the Sheriff's Department at the time of the check. The fee is payable in Cash or Money Order only.  If the applicant has not lived in the state of Ohio for the past five (5) years, a state and federal check shall be administered.  The cost to conduct a federal check is an additional $35.00 for a combined fee of $70.00.

In addition to the money and WEBCHECK form, the applicant must also bring their driver's license.

As the applicant, it is very important to have the WEBCHECK administered, since a hearing will not be held until the results of the WEBCHECK have been received by the Probate Court.